Shopping For Electric Cooking Pots? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you are considering picking up a few extra kitchen items or replacing an entire set, now is the best time to do it. We’ve been evaluating many electric cooking pots and here are the ones that best handled the heat.

3. GoWISE USA GW22620 4 th Generation Cooking Pot

This 6-quart cooker plays the role of a food steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, soup maker and saute pan. It has a built-in micro-computerized temperature and time-control system which you can easily control via the LED display interface which we found quite user friendly. It has a convenient lid bracket and up to 24 hours delay timer. The pot is non-stick as it’s built with 18/10 stainless steel which makes it easy and safe to clean with a dishwasher. Its cool touch finish and admirable energy efficiency make it a top choice for many.

Cons – The main complaint about it is that its fuse is prone to burning out due to overheating of the unit. This is however a rare occurrence.

Average Rating: 4.2 Stars

2. MaxiMatic EPC-807 Elite Platinum 8-Quart Pot

MaxiMatic EPC-807 is a unique cooking pot that allows you to trap steam during the cooking process, thereby, cooking food evenly and retaining its natural flavour. It is built with 6 preset functions including a 9-hour delay, manual operation, browning, 8 QT and keep warm. You can conveniently use this pot to cook delicious meat, vegetables, chicken and risotto thanks to its preset functions which make it even more versatile.

Cons – Small qualms with the otherwise perfect looking pot would be that the cooker only pressurizes at Maximum setting. Because of that, you may not be able to follow some pressure cooker recipes.

Average Rating: 4.3 Stars

1. Instant Pot IP-DUO50 Stainless Steel Cooking Pot

This smart cooking pot speeds up cooking by 2 to 6 times while using up to 70% less energy. The IP-DUO is a 7 in 1 programmable cooker offering options such as: steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker by a press of a button. It has a 24-hour timer which allows for delayed cooking and is capable of capturing the natural aroma in the food. Its exterior is finger print resistant while its interior is made of 3-ply bottom stainless steel which leaves no health concerns and is extremely durable.

Cons – In some cases, the steam valve may be faulty – but this happens in very rare cases, say in 1 of every 1000 units.

Average Rating: 4.7 Stars

Final Word;

Depending on your own preferences, and based on the reviews above, it should be much easier to make an informed choice when shopping for electric cooking pots. All the best!


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